Noise, vibration and harshness reduction (NVH) with MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057 and G-1067 greases

Greases play a crucial role in the optimal functioning of industrial and automotive equipment. Among the top-notch greases in the market, MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057, and G-1067 products stand out for their exceptional performance, unique characteristics, and numerous applications. In this article, we will delve into these innovative products in detail to help you understand how they can benefit your business.

Key Features:


  1. Exceptional NVH Management (Noise, Vibrations, Harshness)
    One of the major advantages of MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057, and G-1067 greases lies in their ability to effectively manage NVH. In many industrial and automotive applications, excessive noise, unwanted vibrations, and harshness can lead to premature wear and user discomfort. These specially formulated greases significantly reduce NVH, thus enhancing equipment lifespan and user comfort.
  2. Plastic Compatibility and Non-Staining
    MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057, and G-1067 greases are compatible with most plastics. They are non-staining, leaving no marks on textiles, making them highly advantageous in the automotive industry.
  3. Low-Temperature Performance
    MOLYKOTE® greases based on polyalphaolefin (PAO) are designed to deliver outstanding performance even in extremely cold conditions. They maintain effective lubrication at temperatures well below freezing, making them ideal for applications exposed to rigorous environments.
  4. Reduced Viscosity, No Oil Separation (Low Bleeding)
    Unlike conventional greases, MOLYKOTE® products have reduced viscosity and do not undergo oil separation. This feature ensures consistent and extended lubrication, reducing friction and part wear, resulting in increased equipment lifespan.
  5. Water Washout Resistance
    MOLYKOTE® greases are known for their exceptional resistance to washout. They stay in place even in the presence of water or aggressive chemicals, making them suitable for outdoor applications or humid environments
Noise, vibration and harshness reduction (NVH) with MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057 and G-1067 greases

Applications :


MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057, and G-1067 greases find applications in the automotive industry, including:

  • Use on automotive sliding door rails and actuators, as well as sunroof guide rails.
  • Lubrication of sunshade, sliding seat rails, switches, and window regulators.

In summary, MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057, and G-1067 greases are essential choices for those seeking superior performance, extended equipment lifespan, and effective NVH management. In the automotive industry, these products represent the cutting edge of lubrication technology, ready to tackle the most demanding challenges.

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