Optimizing Performance and Lifespan: The Importance of Lubricating Plastic Gears

Plastic gears, known for their lightweight and cost-effective nature, are not exempt from the need for meticulous maintenance. The introduction of an appropriate lubricant into the process can unlock a series of benefits, ranging from reduced friction and increased efficiency to minimized wear. An exceptional candidate that stands out in this field is the MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease, a high-performance synthetic lubricating grease that combines the advantages of a wide working temperature range and compatibility with a variety of materials.

Multi-purpose synthetic grease MOLYKOTE® G 4500 FM for coffee mill gearbox.

Why MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease Is the Perfect Match for Plastic Gear Systems

  1. Compliance and Safety: The MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease complies with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 and holds USDA H1 classifications for accidental food contact. This means that even if the grease comes into contact with consumable products, such as coffee, there is no concern about contamination.


  2. Optimal Plastic Compatibility: An exceptional feature of this grease is its remarkable compatibility with plastic materials, such as polyoxymethylene (POM), commonly used in gear manufacturing. The mechanical properties of POM gears remain intact when this grease is applied.


  3. Friction Reduction: The introduction of MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Grease between plastic gears has the effect of reducing friction. This not only reduces operational temperatures but also acts as a preventive measure against overheating and subsequent downtime.


  4. Torque Management and Gear Protection: One of the most crucial functions of a lubricant in gear systems is controlling the torque transferred between gears. MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Grease excels in this role, protecting gear tooth flanks from damage and preventing deformation or potential cracking of gears.

Key Features of MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease

  • mproved Lifespan: By significantly extending the operational lifespan of the coffee machine, this grease proves to be an indispensable component.
  • Downtime Prevention: Downtime, often linked to maintenance and repairs, becomes a thing of the past thanks to the application of MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Grease, ensuring uninterrupted coffee enjoyment.
  • Cost-Efficiency: The reduction in maintenance and repair frequency translates into substantial long-term savings, benefiting both consumers and businesses.
  • Enchanting Start to the Day: The ultimate goal is to provide consumers with a flawless beginning to their day, characterized by the pleasure of savoring a freshly brewed cup of coffee, day after day.

Key features of MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Grease

  • Exceptional Wear Resistance: Demonstrating exceptional wear resistance, this grease enhances the longevity of gear systems.


  • Impressive Load-Carrying Capacity: With its ability to bear heavy loads, the grease contributes to the robustness of gear-driven mechanisms.


  • Reliable Low-Temperature Performance: Functioning impeccably even in low-temperature environments, the grease ensures consistent performance in varying conditions.


  • Wide Temperature Range: The grease’s adaptability to a broad temperature range further solidifies its status as a versatile choice for gear systems.


  • Compatibility with Plastics and Rubbers: Notably, the grease remains compatible with plastic and rubber components, ensuring smooth interactions within complex gear configurations.


Applications of MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease

The versatility of MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Grease is highlighted by its applicability to a range of scenarios, including:

  • Ball Bearings and Plain Bearings
  • Pivot Pins
  • Cams and Guides
  • Rails and Transmission
  • Screws Gears and Splines

In conclusion, the integration of MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease into plastic gear systems brings a multitude of advantages, from enhanced efficiency to prolonged lifespan, as well as cost-effectiveness and improved customer experience. Serving as a reliable companion to gear-driven mechanisms, this synthetic grease plays a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of diverse mechanical systems, ultimately resulting in convenience, performance, and satisfaction.

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