Samaro is a distributor of Dow’s Dowsil™ PV range in France and North Africa:

Dow is a global leader in silicone chemistry, developing technologies and solutions dedicated to the solar energy industry at every stage of the value chain. In a growing global photovoltaic energy market, the demand for sustainable, reliable, and high-performing solar panels is crucial.

Samaro is proud to be a distributor of Dow’s advanced Dowsil™ PV silicone range in France and North Africa. This range of silicone is specially designed for use in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, offering high-performance solutions for encapsulation, protection, and thermal management of solar modules.


As the global PV energy market continues to grow, the demand for sustainable, reliable, and high-performing solar panels is crucial. Dow offers a broad range of high-performance material substances and technologies – tested to meet the specific requirements of the solar industry – that contribute to the creation of more reliable solar panels.

With extensive experience, we collaborate with the largest companies in the solar industry to improve the sustainability, quality, and reliability of solar panels. We work with leading solar companies to enhance the sustainability, longevity, and performance of photovoltaic systems. We understand that materials are the driving force behind innovation and we contribute to meeting the challenges associated with the manufacture of photovoltaic panels by leveraging our expertise in silicone, polyolefins, and polyurethanes.

By offering encapsulants and adhesives for electronic components, adhesives for attaching rails, sealants for frames and junction boxes, repair and protection coatings, as well as materials for optics, we can help make your applications more efficient and reliable.

High-performance solutions

Dow offers a broad base of high-performance substances and technologies to help create more reliable solar panels, tested to meet the specific requirements of the solar industry.


Collaboration with industry leaders

With years of accumulated experience, Dow works with the largest companies in the solar industry to improve the sustainability, quality, and reliability of solar panels. The company also works with the most innovative solar companies to improve the sustainability, longevity, and performance of photovoltaic systems.


Solutions for specific solar applications

Dow and DGE offer a range of solutions to meet the specific needs of the solar industry. Here are some examples:


Encapsulation of solar cells

Encapsulation of solar cells protects them from oxidation, UV rays, moisture, and thermal shock, thus improving their durability and performance. DOWSIL™ PV-6326 is designed for use with crystalline and amorphous silicon solar cells as well as glass, plastic, and metal substrates.


Encapsulation of the junction box

The junction box is a crucial element in a photovoltaic system, as it connects the solar panels together and provides protection against weather and electrical damage. Encapsulation of the junction box extends the life of electronic components and ensures system reliability. Dow’s products, such as DOWSIL™ PV-7326, are specifically designed to provide durable and reliable encapsulation of junction boxes, ensuring optimal performance of solar panels throughout their lifecycle.


Bonding of guide rails (or mounting rails)

Bonding of guide rails (or mounting rails) is a crucial step in the manufacture of solar panels. Guide rails are structural elements that hold the panels in place and ensure a secure attachment to the supports. Solar panels are attached to the guide rails using specific adhesives that are capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds and extreme temperatures. Dow adhesives, such as DOWSIL™ PV-8301, are designed for strong and durable adhesion, ensuring that solar panels remain securely attached to the guide rails throughout the system’s lifetime.


Repairing backsheets

The backsheets are the back layer of a solar module that protects the photovoltaic cells from moisture and mechanical damage. Backsheet repairs may be necessary in case of degradation due to extreme weather conditions or accidental damage.

Dow offers a fluid adhesive solution, DOWSIL™ 7094, for backsheets repairs. This adhesive is designed to offer high resistance to moisture, heat, and UV rays, ensuring durable protection of photovoltaic cells against external elements.


Electro-conductive adhesive

DOWSIL™ EC-8425 electro-conductive adhesive is a specially designed adhesive to ensure an electrical connection between conductive surfaces in photovoltaic systems. This adhesive helps maintain electrical conductivity across joints, contacts, and welds between the various electrical components of solar panels. It is also used in applications that require effective heat dissipation, such as LEDs or LCD screens. Dow’s electro-conductive adhesive offers exceptional adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, and polymers, and can withstand high temperatures, shocks, and vibrations to ensure reliable and durable electrical connections.


Discover in this video how to achieve sustainable performance of photovoltaic panels:

Dowsil 7094 Silicone Adhesive for photovoltaic panels

Maximizing energy conversion reliability


From the output of the solar panel, a solar energy production system requires high-performing and reliable components to optimize and reliably convert energy for use or storage. High-performance silicones improve industry warranties due to their excellent resistance to aging in a wide range of difficult environments to which outdoor devices may be exposed during their lifetime.

Our advanced adhesives, encapsulation, and thermal management products protect external electronics from environmental impact, remove heat to improve efficiency, and provide long life to solar energy production systems.

The solar inverters used in photovoltaic module chains convert captured energy into a useful form to be returned to the grid, stored in a battery, or used by the consumer.

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