Samaro launches a new brochure dedicated to polyurethane adhesives.

Samaro is the French partner of Hutchinson Sealing Systems – Le Joint Français, specialized in products for bonding and sealing.

Samaro‘s selection guide offers a list of products depending on their polymerization mode (single-component or two-component), presenting for each reference their properties and some typical applications.

Single-component polyurethanes:

Applications: PU sealants and adhesives are widely used in the automotive industry, especially for the production of body sealing or bonding windows and windshield. They are also used in other industries, such as construction, marine industry, railway…
Advantages: High strength, flexible adhesive, resistant to shocks and vibrations, good resistance at low temperature, solvent free, FMVSS 212 approved for bonding windshields.

Hutchinson 110 Total Seal is an universal adhesive and sealant, that is FMVSS 212 approved for bonding windshield.

Hutchinson Total Seal 180 is a fast curing adhesive and sealant that is also FMVSS 212 homologated.

Two-component polyurethanes :

Applications: 2K polyurethane adhesives are used for structural or semi-structural bonding that can be used on a wide range of materials (glass, metal, composite, wood, concrete, …). Their versatility allows them to be used in many applications in the automotive, transportation or building industry…
Advantages: Fast setting, high strength, semi-flexible bonding, shock and vibration resistant, good low temperature, solvent free.

Hutchinson Total Seal 6015/2 is a semi-structural adhesive for composites, glass, metal and thermoset bonding.

Samaro can help you by offering the most convenient dispensing equipment (dispensing guns from PC Cox for example).


You can download our polyurethane brochure here.

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