Samaro launches a new support: the Tool Sheets

Tool sheet dedicated to the vacuum device, more precisely to vacuum films & tarpaulins.

Samaro offers you a new support to help you get to know the techniques and products related to our different universes: Special Lubrication, Bonding & Sealing, Electrical & Electronic Protection, Composite and Model & Molding.

This month, we offer you a tool sheet focusing on films and vacuum bags used in the infusion process in the Composite field.

Films and vacuum bag

Example with Airtech Wrightlon® 7400 or WL7400

0,22″ – 80″ -750′ in SHT, CF at LFT

Common dimensions

In inches
In μm
.0008″ 20 µm
.001″ 25µm
.002″ 50 µm
.003″ 75µm
.006″ 15µm
In inches
In m
48″ 1.22 m
60″ 1.52 m
72″ 1.83 m
80″ 2.03 m
90″ 2.8 m
In feet
In Yds In m
300′ 100 yds 91.44 m
500′ 166 yds 152 m
600′ 200 yds 183 m
1000′ 333 yds 305 m
1500′ 500 yds 457 m

Folding and dimensions of the vacuum bag

SHT : SHEET : sheeting : Comes in the form of a single layer flat film packaged in rolls.

Example : WL7400 0,002ʺ – 80ʺ – 1000’ SHT
WL7400 : Wrightlon® 7400

Thickness: 0,002ʺ (inches) = 50μm (microns)
Length: 1000’ (feets) = 305 m (meters)
Width: 80ʺ SHT
therefore 80ʺ (inches) = 2,03m wide in single layer
Roll weight 27 kg

CF : centerfold : Comes in the form of film folded in the center and packaged in a roll.
The dimension given in inches ʺ is the size of the film folded in half.

Example : WL7400 0,002ʺ – 80ʺ – 500’ CF
WL7400 : Wrightlon® 7400

Thickness: 0,002ʺ (inches) or 50μm (microns)
Length: 500’ (feets) or 152m (meters)
Width: 80ʺ CF therefore 80ʺ x2 = 160ʺ (inches) or 4,06m (meters) wide when unfolded
Roll weight 27 kg

LFT : Lay Flat Tubing
comes in the form of a “flat tube” packaged in a roll.

Example : WL7400 0,002ʺ – 80ʺ – 500’ LFT

WL7400 : Wrightlon® 7400

Thickness:0,002ʺ (inches) 50μm (microns)
Length: 500’ (152m) long
80ʺ LFT therefore 80ʺ or 2,03m or a perimeter of 2.03×2=4.06m
If the tube had a cylindrical shape, its diameter would be  4.06/π = 1.29m
Roll weight 27 kg

GT : Gusseted Tubing :
Presented in the form of “flat tube with a gusset” type “accordion” always packed in roll

Example : WL7400 0,002ʺ – 80ʺ – 500’ GT

The difference with the LFT will be its folding allowing it to take less space when rolled up, and to be positioned outside or inside during compaction, to be unfolded (the G version is identical, but split on one side)

WL7400 : Wrightlon® 7400

Thickness: 0,002ʺ (inches) 50μm (microns)
Length: 500’ (152m) long
Width: 80ʺ LFT therefore 80ʺ or 2,03m flat, gusset unfolded to the outside.
Roll weight 27 kg

G : Gusseted is identical to the GT version, with the only difference that it is split on one edge.

Roll weight 27 kg

Tableau de conversion

En pieds

= 2,54 cm
= 25 μm
300′ 1′ = 30,48 cm
500′ 1 yds = 91,44 cm

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