Samaro Now Carries PT Technologies Cleaning Wipes

As part of its policy to continually expand its range, Samaro now offers PT Technologies cleaning wipes. These wipes are specially engineered to meet environmental challenges and standards in the aeronautics industry.
Benefits of using PT cleaning wipes:

  •   Easy, efficient cleaning and degreasing
  •   Pre-impregnated for instant use
  •   Airtight packaging prevents evaporation
  •   Reduce the risks of workplace exposure
  •   Reduce the risks of pollution
  •   Reduce solvent usage and VOC emissions
  •   Eliminate fire hazards and the need to store flammable products
  •   Eliminate the transportation of dangerous substances
  •   Eliminate logistics and handling of liquid solvents

PT Technologies cleaning wipes are already approved by:


  •   Airbus
  •   Bombardier Aerospace
  •   British Aerospace
  •   British Airways
  •   Martin Baker
  •   Rolls Royce
  •   Thiokol
  •   United Technologies

Discover the entire range of PT Technologies cleaning wipes

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