Solvent-Free Contact Adhesive: Merbenit IA45

Is there a bonding technique that is environmentally responsible yet maintains productivity levels?

Samaro and its partner Merbenit have launched an innovative new MSP adhesive that does away with solvent-based contact adhesives.

Neoprene adhesives consist of 20-30% dry matter (active ingredient) and 70-80% solvents (VOCs).

The MSP contact adhesive offered by Samaro and Merbenit provides the same mechanical performance as neoprene adhesives but with 100% active ingredient and without the need for double bonding and solvent evaporation times (drying time).

It makes bonding much easier and better for worker health (solventless), comfort (odorless), and it can help you reducing your COV emissions.

A: Dispense the adhesive
B: Spread across the entire surface in a thin layer
C: Immediately apply the foam
D: Press

Properties of Merbenit IA45

•Solvent free and VOC free
•Self-leveling, may be applied with a brush, spatula or spray gun (bead or spray)
•Suitable for strip or full-surface bonding
•Skin over time: 10 minutes
•Tensile strength: 2.8 MPa
•Elongation at break: 150%
•Temperature resistance (°C/°F): -40 to +90°C (-40 to 194°F)
•Available in 600 ml sausages or bulk.

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