There is a dedicated Molykote® lubricant for each automotive application

Solve your performance problems with Molykote® brand lubricants designed specifically for applications.


  • Imagine the key breaking off in the ignition while trying to start your car in freezing weather.
  • Imagine your power window left half open during a rainstorm.
  • Imagine that a seat track attracts dirt, lint and other grime, which gets on your hands or stains your clothes.

These are not imaginary problems. They are real concerns. Much of a driver’s comfort, satisfaction and pride is derived from the activity inside their vehicle. Ergonomic or functional problems in these areas are therefore a serious threat to customer satisfaction and repeat business, especially in these times of intense competition.


The good solution at your fingertips

In fact, you can often avoid these types of automotive problems by simply choosing the right DuPont Molykote® specialty lubricant. We manufacture a wide variety of specialty lubricants specifically for automotive applications. In addition to long life and low friction, they can provide additional benefits such as :

  • Electrical compatibility, to avoid failures of switches and other electromechanical components that lead to system failure.
  • Plastics compatibility, to prevent degradation and ensure long life for lightweight injection-moulded parts such as gears, bushings or housings.
  • Functionality in extreme temperatures, for smooth and easy operation in high temperature and cold weather environments.
  • Dry application, which does not trap dirt and dust, and does not stain.


The best formulation for your automotive environment


Molykote means more than just silicone grease. This advanced product line includes a wide range of specialty lubricants for applications ranging from seat rails and cable sleeves to window actuators and climate controls.

Choose from:

  • Anti-friction coatings: permanent, adherent “lubricating paints” that are excellent for rail applications, fasteners, and areas that are open to touch or near clothing.
  • Liquid lubricants, such as for control cables.
  • Synthetic greases (such as poly-alphaolefin compounds), for electrical applications and plastic-to-metal lubrication.
  • As well as silicone greases offering long life and low friction performance at low and high temperatures.

In addition, through testing and evaluation at our Lubricant Expertise Center in Plymouth, Michigan, we can demonstrate and document which specialty lubricant is recommended for your application. We will also advise you on effective application techniques for these lubricants in your production environments.


Customized technical assistance to meet your needs

Use the selection guide tables on the following pages to help you choose the right Molykote® lubricants for your automotive applications. Then call one of our experienced customer service specialists to discuss your needs. He or she can answer your questions about Molykote® lubricants and send you technical data for specific applications.


Molykote® Body and Interior Lubricants Selection Chart


Molykote® lubricants for general applications


Molykote lubricants for engine accessories


Molykote® lubricants for engine components


Molykote® chassis/suspension lubricants


Molykote® Brake Lubricants


Comprehensive expertise in automotive lubricants

Lubricants Expertise Centre

A supplier you can rely on

As a global supplier, DuPont™ has earned a reputation for providing consistent quality, proven technical support, appropriate product labelling and long-term stability. We are a reliable partner who is dedicated to customer service and believes in maintaining the highest standards.


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