MOLYKOTE® 111: The Versatile Silicone Compound for Efficient Lubrication and Sealing

In many industrial fields, lubrication and sealing are essential aspects to ensure the proper functioning of equipment. This is where MOLYKOTE® 111 comes into play. This silicone compound offers a versatile solution for the lubrication and sealing of fittings, control valves, water softener closure sleeves, faucets, and many other applications. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features, applications, and properties of MOLYKOTE® 111.

Technical Features


  • Wide temperature range: MOLYKOTE® 111 can reliably operate in conditions ranging from -40°C to +200°C. This temperature range allows for various applications in different environments.
  • Inorganic silicone: Composed mainly of silicone, MOLYKOTE® 111 possesses unique properties that make it suitable for specific applications. Silicone offers excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and challenging environmental conditions.
  • Translucent white: With its translucent color, the silicone compound is easily identifiable during application. This ensures the appropriate amount of compound is used for effective lubrication or sealing.
  • Compliance with safety standards: The silicone compound complies with the strictest safety standards. It is certified by FDA, ACS, NSF 51, and NSF 61, ensuring safe use in applications related to potable water and materials in contact with food.
  • Available in 100g tubes: MOLYKOTE® 111 is conveniently available in 100g tubes, providing a practical quantity for application needs. It can also be obtained in the PMUC N°08046 / 19-067 version upon request.

Typical Applications


MOLYKOTE® 111 finds numerous applications across different sectors. Here are some of its most common uses:

  • Lubrication and sealing of fittings and control valves: With its ability to withstand high temperatures and challenging conditions, MOLYKOTE® 111 is ideal for ensuring lubrication and sealing in these applications.
  • Water softener closure sleeves and faucets: Proper lubrication and sealing are necessary for the effective functioning of closure sleeves in water softeners and faucets. MOLYKOTE® 111 offers a reliable solution in these applications.
  • Sealing of outdoor equipment subjected to washouts and harsh conditions: Meters, service entrances of electrical connections, and underground connections are often exposed to harsh conditions. The silicone compound provides long-lasting sealing and protection against chemical agents.
  • Coating as a chemical barrier: The silicone compound can be used as a coating to form a chemical barrier, protecting surfaces against aggressive chemicals.
  • Rubber and plastic insulation gasket: With its exceptional adhesion, MOLYKOTE® 111 is effective as an insulation gasket in applications involving rubber and plastic.

Properties of MOLYKOTE® 111 Silicone Compound


  • Silicone compound for static seals: Specially formulated for use as a silicone compound for static seals, providing reliable and durable sealing in these applications.
  • Highly adhesive: Thanks to its special formulation, MOLYKOTE® 111 exhibits high adhesion, ensuring effective lubrication and sealing even in demanding conditions.
  • Excellent water washout resistance: MOLYKOTE® 111 maintains its lubrication and sealing properties even in the presence of water, making it an ideal choice for washout-prone applications.
  • Good chemical resistance: MOLYKOTE® 111 silicone compound is resistant to various chemicals, enabling it to maintain its performance even in the presence of corrosive substances.


MOLYKOTE® 111 is a versatile silicone compound. Whether it’s lubrication and sealing of fittings, rubber and plastic insulation gaskets, or the formation of chemical barriers, MOLYKOTE® 111 is a reliable solution. Its wide temperature range, high adhesion, water washout resistance, and chemical resistance make it an ideal choice for various industries.

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