Which greases to choose for lubrication of high-speed bearings?

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High-speed bearing lubrication

In order to achieve optimum lubrication and to minimise wear in a bearing or bearing in a high-speed application, it is necessary to consider the speed of rotation.

The calculation of the speed of rotation, factor Dn
The Dn factor is used to assess the resistance of a grease to centrifugation and to prevent the lubricating film from breaking.

  • For a wheel bearing the formula is: Dn = internal Ø of the bearing x number of revolutions per minute.
  • For a boll bearing the formula is: Dn = (internal Ø + external Ø) /2 x number of revolutions per minute.

The value obtained must always be lower than the value mentioned in the selection guide.

Samaro et son partenaire Molykote proposent des lubrifiants parfaitement adaptés pour le graissage à grande vitesse des roulements ou paliers

References Temperatures Load Speed Features Properties
Molykote™ BG 555 -40°C +130°C 1500 N 1 300 000 Ester • Lithium Straw Yellow • NLGI 3 Very high speed • Noise reduction • Wide temperature range
Molykote™ G-2001 +50°C +130°C 1500 N 900 000 PAO • Lithium / Calcium • Beige • NLGI 2 Very high speed • High performance at low temperatures • Good protection against wear and corrosion
Molykote™ BG-20 -45°C +180°C
+200°C peak
4400 N 800 000 Ester • Lithium Complexe • Beige • NLGI 2-3 High speed • Wide temperature range

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