Why choose Molykote lubricants?

A longer life span

The superior performance of Molykote industrial lubricants is due to a proprietary additive package that significantly reduces oxidation rates. Oxidation, which results from exposure of the lubricant to high pressures and temperatures, can cause premature lubricant degradation.
The “technical” base chemistry of Molykote fluids makes them inherently more resistant to oxidation and emulsification than competitive products.

The resistance of our synthetic lubricants to oxidation and other contaminants provides several advantages:

  • Longer service life
  • More efficient lubrication
  • Less formation of waste products in the lubricant.

Our lubricants also meet the extreme temperature requirements of almost any application, with products formulated for extreme cold (-200°C or -328°F) as well as extreme heat (1400°C or 2550°F). And our oils last longer because they maintain extremely low water content throughout their life cycle.


Reduce your maintenance costs

Molykote brand products can help you realize the full value of your maintenance and repair investments. We can provide you with the precise combination of products and/or services you need to reduce your overall maintenance costs, extend the life of your equipment and simplify your purchasing process.
Expect nothing less when you choose Molykote as your preferred supplier for lubrication products and services.

Customer service and technical support


You get reliable customer service and expert technical support from Samaro.
DuPont’s manufacturing controls and commitment to quality result in products with consistent performance properties, minimizing production disruptions due to variations in product quality.

Machine elementsTypical applicationRecommended products
Rolling Element Bearing
General PurposeMolykote BR2 Plus, Molykote Longterm 2 Plus, Molykote G-4700
High Loads (> 3000 N Weld Load)Molykote BR2 Plus, Molykote BG-20, Molykote HP-870
High temperature (>150°C)Molykote BG-20, Molykote 44, Molykote G-4700
High speed (>250 000 Dn)Molykote BG-20, Molykote BR2 Plus, Molykote 44, Molykote HP-870
Water wash-Out Molykote Longterm 2 Plus, Molykote G-0102, Molykote G-4500
Chemical and Solvent ResistanceMolykote 3451, Molykote HP-870
Low speed, water wash-OutMolykote 1122, Molykote P-40V1
Corrosion protection / Dry filmMolykote Metal Protector Plus
Running-InRunning-In LubrificationMolykote G-n Plus, Molykote G-Rapid Plus
Open gearsGeneral purposeMolykote 1122, Molykote 165 LT, Molykote G-67
Corrosion resistanceMolykote 1122, Molykote Longterm 00
High load(>3000 N Weld load)Molykote Longterm 00, Molykote 165 LT
Tacky, semi-fluid grease Molykote Longterm 00
Fretting / film secMolykote D-321 R, Molykote 7409, Molykote D-10
Shock or vibrationMolykote 165 LT, Molykote G-4700
Gear boxesNoise reduction, extreme loads (dispersion)Molykote M-55 Plus
Storage protectionCorrosion protection / Dry FilmMolykote Metal Protector Plus
Threaded connections
Pre-AssemblyGeneral purposeMolykote P-74, Molykote G-Rapid Plus
White pasteMolykote D, Molykote DX, Molykote P-1900 FM ANTI-SEIZE PASTE
Consistant assembly torqueMolykote 1000
Metal free pasteMolykote P-74, Molykote P-40
Ultra-pure,avoidance of stress crackingMolykote P-37
Storage protectionCorrosion protection / dry filmMolykote Metal Protector Plus
Greased chainsHigh speeds, water wash-outMolykote 1122, Molykote P-40, Molykote MKL-N
Dry lubricationLongterm lubrication, dusty environmentMolykote D-321 R
Oiled chainsHigh temps (>175°C)Molykote M-30, Molykote CO 220
Extreme loads / high Mos2 contentMolykote M-30
penetrates with MoS2Molykote MKL-N
Tacky synthetic, low tempsMolykote L-1428
Tacky synthetic, low temps (<-40°C)Molykote L-1468 FM
Storage protectionCorrosion protection / Dry filmMolykote Metal Protector Plus
More info
If you would like to know more about the MOLYKOTE® range, please contact our technical department on +33 426 680 680 or fill in our contact form. Download our selection guide
Guide de sélection lubrification et maintenance industrielle

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