ARALDITE 252-1 BLEU KIT – AIMS 10-03-005 / ASNA 4072 –

Araldite 252-1 is a 2-component Epoxy-based Syntactic Paste that cures at room temperature. It can be used as a potting or edging compound, or as a peak load in honeycomb sandwich structures. The Araldite 252-1 meets the aeronautical qualifications as per the specification: ASNA 4072 & AIMS 10-03-005
Color: White (available in 4kg + 12 kg white version) / Viscosity: pasty (Resin: pasty - Hardener: Pasty) / Density: ≤ 0.77 (Resin: 0.85 - Hardener: 0.55) / PotLife: 90min (for 100g at 25°C) / Gel-Time: 120-300min (at 25°C) / Cure time: 7 days at 23°C or 2h at 70°C / Fire resistance: see FT / Compressive module: 2.6 Gpa at 23°C (afters 2h curing at 70°C) / Compressive stregth : 54MPa à 23°C et 22MPa à 60°C (afters 2h curing at 70°C) / shear strength: 12 MPa at 23°C (afters 2h curing at 70°C)
Araldite 252-1 is a low density, self-extinguishing - FAR 25.853(a) - syntactic paste that is easily sanding. Araldite 252-1 has a very high compressive strength and remains temperature stable even after polymerization at room temperature. Mixing ratio ARALIDTE 252-1 RESIN / ARALDITE 252-2 HARDENER: 100/30.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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ARALDITE 252-1 BLEU KIT - AIMS 10-03-005 / ASNA 4072 -
1,3kg Kit
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Curing Type Room Temperature Curing
Certification / Specification AIMS 10-03-005, ASNA 4072, ASNA 4072 IND B, FAR 25.853
Chemistry / Technology Epoxy
Color White
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts
Adhesives & sealants
Huntsman syntactic resins used in the aerospace industry