Cor-Ban 23

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CorBan 23 is designed for longlasting protection, has high penetration and eliminates moisture. CorBan 23 is a corrosion inhibiting compound used for aeronautical applications such as: Floor rails, hatches and wing structures, seats rails and lavatory
Aeronautic specifications : BMS 3-23G Ty II CL 2, AIMS 09-08-001 Ty 1 Grade 3, BAMS 565-006 Ty V, DHMS C4.12 Ty II Gr 3 & 4, Cessna CSNP038, CIL-99-01, Embraer MEP 10-063 (E5313382 & E5313415) / Flash Point: 114°F (46°C)/ Viscosity: 26 cps / Non-Volatiles: 42% / Drying Time: <1 hour / Color: Transparent reddish-pink / Exfoliation: Pass at -65°F (-54°C) / Penetration: >4 inches per hours per BMS 3-35 / Salt Spray Protection: >3000 hours on aluminum.
Cor-Ban 23 removes moisture. The Cor-Ban 23 withstands more than 3000 hours of salt spray. Cor-ban 23 is in the form non-sagging film. Cor-Ban 23 offers high penetrability in metals. Fast drying gives a dry film to the touch. UV resistant. Cor-Ban 23 is resistant to -54 ° C. Very small amount of Cor-Ban 23 deposited material is required to meet specifications (8 microns).
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Cor-Ban 23
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