Cor-Ban 27L

CorBan 27L specified by Boeing Commercial Airplane Company is in the list of QPL for the specifications BMS 338 and NSN 6850014697645. ZipChem CorBan 27L is a corrosion inhibitor compound specifically formulated to be nondrying, used for aeronautical applications such as: Floor rails, antennas, seat slide and lavatory. Successfully used in gearbox applications
Aeronautic specifications : BMS 3-38, DPM 6498, MEP-QPL-09-075, EMBRAER E9447580, NSN 6850-01-469-7645 (quart), NSN 8030-01-531-7355 (6 oz, cartouche), NSN 8030-01-531-7357 (5 oz), USAF T.O 4S-1-182, SIKORSKY SS 8689, T.O. 4S1-108-1, T.O. 4W-1-61, AIRBUS CML 05-133, Goodrich LGQP5010D,TyIV C1B, Cessna CSNP038 Type VIII./ Color: Amber/Tan / Non Volatiles minimum: 90% / Flow Point: No flow @ 160°F: pass / Low Temp Adhesion: <1/32" @ -65°F: pass / Drying Resistance: 7 days @ 160°F: pass / Corrosion Resistance (ASTM B-117 Steel): >4000 hrs Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 2 mils / Density: 7.41 lbs/gal
Cor-Ban 27L is a smooth, uniform paste. Its application makes it possible to obtain a non-drying smooth film offering excellent protection against corrosion. Cor-Ban 27L contains no chromates, no asbestos, no MoS2 or graphite. Can be used in a very wide temperature range.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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Cor-Ban 27L
55 Gallons Drum
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Cor-Ban 27L
5 Gallons Drum
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Cor-Ban 27L
0,946 L Can
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Cor-Ban 27L
4 Gallons Drum
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Cor-Ban 27L
6 oz Semco Cartridge
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