CVC4 Fluide silicone

CVC4 is adapted particulary togh rugged applications requiring rapid pump down: . Vapour deposition of thin films by sputtering or evaporation, electronbeam operations and high vacuum furnaces, melting, degassing and sintering, refractory metals and thick film deposition . Also suitable for all aspects of vaccum coating such as optics and automotive components . UHV characteristics particulary useful for thin film, surface technology, thermonuclear and plasma physics applications
CVC4 is a Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluid. Tetramethyltetraphenyl trisiloxane rich fluid for producing high vacuums in the range 10e-8 Torr. Exhibits excellent chemical, oxidation, thermal, hydrolysis and radiation resistance. Extremely low back streaming properties.
Specific gravity gcm-3@25°C = 1,07 / Viscosity CSt @ 25°C = 40 typical / Flash point open cup °C sup 210°C / Boiling Point (under vacuum) °C = 230 typical / Ultimate Pressure Torr = 10e-8 - 10e-9
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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CVC4 Fluide silicone
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CVC4 Fluide silicone
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Oil Dimethyl Silicone
Chemistry / Technology Silicon
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