EPOCAST 1633 A/B – BMS 5-28 TY 18 CL 2 REV AN –

Huntsman EPOCAST 1633 A / B is a bi-component epoxy syntactic paste. Intended for aeronautical applications, the EPOCAST 1645 FR A / B meets the aeronautical qualifications according to the specification: BMS5-28 Type 18, Class2. The EPOCAST 1633 A / B is flame retardant and specially designed for honeycomb filling where a very fast setting is required (working time 2 to 5min) - SPECIF BOE00113.
Color: Light blue / Viscosity: Soft-paste (1633 A: Soft-paste -1633 B: Soft-paste) / Density: 0,73 / Gel-Time: 2-5 min (at 25°C) / Cure-time : Gel-Time + 5h at 49°C or 2h at 66°C (or 3day RTV) / Compressive module: 270 KPa at 23°C / Compressive stregth : 44,8MPa à 23°C, 3,8MPa at 82°C / Lap shear strength: 9,6 MPa at 23°C.
The mixing ratio of EPOCAST 1633 is 100 to 50. It offers the advantage of being available in 50ml and 200ml cartridges. Because of its very short setting time, it is recommended not to perform manual mixing. Its viscosity and its conditioning in a two-component cartridge allow it to be easily injectable, especially during insert fastenings in honeycomb panels.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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EPOCAST 1633 A/B - BMS 5-28 TY 18 CL 2 REV AN -
200 ml Cartridge
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EPOCAST 1633 A/B - BMS 5-28 TY 18 CL 2 REV AN -
50 ml Cartridge
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Viscosity Class Pasty / Putty
Application Methode Dispensing, Manual
Certification / Specification BMS 5-28, Type 18, Class 2, BMS 5-28, Type 18, Class 2, REV AN, Spécification huntsman
Density 0.73 kg_l
Chemistry / Technology Epoxy
Color Light Blue
Product's associated market Aeronautics
Compression Strength (MPa) 44.8 MegaPa
Mix Ratio 2/1
Hardness Class Very Hard (Shore D56 - D100)
Hardness 60 Dshore
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts
Minimum temperature (°C) 18 CELSIUS
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 9.6 MegaPa
Adhesives & sealants
Huntsman syntactic resins used in the aerospace industry