EPOCAST 1648 A/B – BMS 5-28 TY18 CL1 REV AN –

Huntsman EPOCAST 1648 A / B is a two-pack, low-density, two-pack epoxy syntactic paste. The EPOCAST 1648 A / B is mainly intended for aerospace applications such as gluing inserts (injection possible in a 3mm hole), edging, gluing and folding radius fills in nest sandwich structures. bee. The EPOCAST 1648 A / B meets the aeronautical qualifications according to the specification: BMS5-28 Type 18 Class 1 - SPEC. BOE00143.
Color: White / Viscosity: pasty (1648 A: Pasty -1648 B: Pasty) / Density: 0,65 - 0,7 / Gel-Time: 18 min (at 25°C) / Cure time: 3 days at 23°C or Gel-Time + 5h at 52°C / Self-extinguishing time (12s vertical) FAR 25.853 : < 5s / Compressive module: 2,4 Gpa at 23°C / Compressive stregth : 50MPa à 23°C / Insert pull-out strength : 1,8kN / Insert torque strength : 13,6 Nm / shear strength: 12 MPa at 23°C (afters 2h curing at 70°C).
Huntsman EPOCAST 1648 A / B is a self-extinguishing low density paste (FST). It is applied manually, with a spray gun or with a dispensing machine and does not run after application. EPOCAST 1648 A / B adheres rapidly at room temperature (18min Gel Time) and offers excellent mechanical performance after complete curing (7 days at 25°C or 5h at 52°C after gelation). Mix ratio of EPOCAST 1648 A / B: 100/20. EPOCAST 1648 A / B does not contain any SVHC substance defined under REACH.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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EPOCAST 1648 A/B - BMS 5-28 TY18 CL1 REV AN -
Kit 236,2 lb
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EPOCAST 1648 A/B - BMS 5-28 TY18 CL1 REV AN -
6 oz Semco Cartridge
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Viscosity Class Pasty / Putty
Application Methode Dispensing, Manual
Curing Type Room Temperature Curing
Certification / Specification BMS 5-28, Type 18, BMS 5-28, Type 18, Class 1, BMS 5-28, Type 18, Class 1, REV AN
Density 0.65 kg_l
Chemistry / Technology Epoxy
Color White
Product's associated market Aeronautics
Compression Strength (MPa) 50 MegaPa
Mix Ratio 5/1
Hardness Class Very Hard (Shore D56 - D100)
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts
Minimum temperature (°C) 18 CELSIUS
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 14.1 MegaPa