EPOCAST 52 A/B Q/P – IPS08-01-002-01 issue 5 and 3 –

EPOCAST 52 A/B is two part, epoxy laminating resin for service up to 175°C. It is an excellent general purpose composite fabrication / repair material that combines low temperature vacuum bag cures with good hot wet capability
EPOCAST 52 A/B is blue / specific gravity : 1,1 / viscosity : ca.4 / Mix ratio : 100:41
EPOCAST 52 A/B is excellent performance at elevated temperatures, variable temperature cure, excellent hot-wet strenght, easy handling
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EPOCAST 52 A/B Q/P - IPS08-01-002-01 issue 5 and 3 -
Kit 10,98 Lb (6 x 1,3 Lb A) + (6 x 0,53 Lb B)
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Viscosity Class Liquid
Curing Type Hot Curing
Certification / Specification AIMS 08-01-002, AIMS 08-01-002-01, AIMS 08-02-002, AIMS 08-02-002-01, AMS 2980, ECS 0049
Density 1.1 kg_m3
Chemistry / Technology Epoxy
Color Amber
Product's associated market Aeronautics
Compression Strength (MPa) 53.1 MegaPa
Mix Ratio 100/41
Hardness Class Very Hard (Shore D56 - D100)
Markets - Where is used the product ? Aeronautics Interior Adhesives / Sealant, Aeronautics Outside Adhésives / Sealant
Price Unit Pieces
Minimum temperature (°C) 18 CELSIUS
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 124 MegaPa
Glass transition (Tg) (°C) 155 CELSIUS
Dynamic Viscosity (25°C) 5500 mPas