GURIT® Kerdyn™ Green 80


Gurit® Kerdyn™ Green 80 is a highly adaptable and recyclable thermoplastic (PET) base material offering a good balance of mechanical properties, temperature resistance, density and cost for a wide range of applications.

Additionally, Gurit® Kerdyn™ Green 80 helps reduce environmental impact and reinforce overall waste reduction goals:

  • Contains at least 50% recycled product per production
  • Gurit is today the only one to integrate the entire recycling chain.
  • Waste sorting down to the PET foam plate
  • Gurit Kerdyn™ Green achieves:
  • 2x less CO2 emissions compared to PVC
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 65% compared to recycled PU HD products

Gurit® Kerdyn® is compatible with a wide range of resin systems, including epoxy, vinyl ester, unsaturated polyester and phenolic resins.

Applicable processing techniques include vacuum infusion, bonding, prepreg and thermoforming.


Density: 80kg/m² / Color: Green / Compressive strength: 0.86MPa / Compression modulus: 74MPa / Tensile strength: 1.54 MPa / Elongation at break: 16% /

Available in a wide range of thicknesses.

Gurit® Kerdyn® Green: range of products based on up to 100% recycled PET

Withstands high processing temperatures

Excellent chemical resistance

Good adhesion and mechanical properties


Low resin absorption by PET

DNV-GL certified
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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Name Code article Price Availability
GURIT® Kerdyn™ Green 80
1005mm x 2440mm x 20mm
GUKG080020 Contact us
GURIT® Kerdyn™ Green 80
1005mm x 2440mm x 30mm
GUKG080031 Contact us
GURIT® Kerdyn™ Green 80
1005mm x 2440mm x 50mm
GUKG080050 Contact us
GURIT® Kerdyn™ Green 80
1005mm x 2440mm x 10mm
GUKG080010 Contact us


Density 80 kg_m3
Chemistry / Technology Polyethylene
Color Light Green
Compression Strength (MPa) 0.86 MegaPa
Maximum temperature (°C) 80 CELSIUS
Thickness 10 MILLIMETER
Gurit introduces Kerdyn® Green: a new range of recyclable core materials offering optimal performance