Serenys®SUP-FG is used to lubrication of components used in processes in the food and beverage industry and any clean environment: fittings, valve industry, gaskets, slides, bearings and gears used in slaughterhouses, butcher shops, meatprocessing plants, canning plants, bottling plants, cookie plants, bakeries, chocolate factories, Danish pastry plants, animalfood factories, and the pharmaceutical and paramedical industries. Machine parts in humid atmospheres and for longlasting lubrication.
Temperature range : -30°C to +180°C (-22°F to +356°F) / Load: 4000 N / DN: 500,000 / Semi-synthetic / Calcium sulfonate / Light beige / NLGI 2 / NSF H1.
Serenys® SUP-FG is high-performance grease, odorless and tasteless white food-grade grease suitable for the lubrication of components subjected to heavy loads and high speeds and operated within a wide temperature range. Insoluble in hot and cold water, allowing it to be used on equipment exposed to the elements or operated in wet or muddy conditions. Offers excellent corrosion protection and high aging stability. It helps reducing friction and wear. Suitable for use with most EPDM gaskets.
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Certification / Specification NSF-H1
Color Light Brown
Consistency (NLGI) 2
Load (4 Balls load test) 4000.0000 N
Total Shelf Life 1080 DAY
speed (DN) 500000
Maximum temperature (°C) 180 CELSIUS
Minimum temperature (°C) -30 CELSIUS