KIT : SILASTIC™ RTV-4260-V (Base + Curing Agent)

SKU: XM4260V00
Archeological: Casting architectural /Design/Decor elements. Reconstituted stone, Cement & Plaster / Casting Ceramic and pottery copies from original (creating silicone mold from the original) / Furniture : Rigid urethane and urethane foam furniture parts from silicone rubber molds / Copier Rollers : Silicone rubber for copier rollers or for (screen printing) ceramic tiles / Rapid Prototyping : Computer based design and fabrication of prototype part. Prototype part reproduced by moldmaking process. Parts used for testing, demo or even low volume manufacturing / Urethane Foam Flower pots : Cast urethane foam from silicone rubber molds for outdoor and indoor flower pots.
Off white / Ratio : 10:100 / Viscosity : 19 000 mPa.s / 38 Shore A / Working time : 60 - 90 min / Cure time : 24 h
Medium hardness / Very good dimensional stability / Very low shrinkage / Very high tear resistance / High elasticity / Can be made thixotropic / Polyaddition
Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emplois
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KIT : SILASTIC™ RTV-4260-V (Base + Curing Agent)
22 kg Kit
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Dangerous / Non Dangerous / Limited Quantities Dangerous Good
Country Of Origin United States of America (the)
Custom Code 38159090
Gross Weight 25.0000 KILOGRAM
Date of creation 30/05/2013
2nd MSDS Name XIAMETER RTV-4260-V Curing Agent
Application Methode Manual
Curing Type Room Temperature Curing
Demolding Time 12 HOUR
Chemistry / Technology Silicon
Color White
Hardness Class Medium Soft (Shore A36 - A60)
Hardness 38 Ashore
Elongation at break (%) 500.0000
Multi parts product type system / Multiparts
Silicone - Crosslinking polyaddition
100 ml Pot-Life 60 MINUTE
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts
Total Shelf Life 360 DAY
Maximum temperature (°C) 220 CELSIUS
Dynamic Viscosity (25°C) 56000 mPas