Synthene FASTElast 35-93 A ISOCYANATE

The Synthene Fast-Elast system is a polyurethane elastomer system (type rubber / rubber) developed for the manufacture of technical parts and flexible prototypes. Composed of three components, it allows you to simply obtain a broad spectrum of hardness ranging from 35ShA (very flexible) to 93 ShA (semi rigid), while offering very good mechanical performance.
Fast-Elast 35-93 A ISOCYANATE : Color : light yellow / Viscosité 940 - Mix Système : Synthene Fast-Elast : Color: Amber / Viscosity : from 300 to 350 mPa.s / color : clear to white / Maximum thickness : from 20mm to 30 mm depend of hardness / Reactivity (200gr): 6 to 12min / Hardness : from 35 ShA to 93ShA / Elongation at break : from 350% to 1110% (TDS) / Tear resistance : from 7,8 to 60 kN.m¯¹ (TDS).
The Synthene Fast-Elast System allows a very short demolding time (1 hour at 70 ° C) with a very low viscosity (between 300 and 350 mPa.s) allowing easy filling of the molds, even for very fine parts. It is stainable, and offers excellent mechanical performance: excellent elongation and very good tear behavior (even with primer). Fast-Elast 93A Polyol can be mixed with Fast-Elast 93A Polyol and Fast-Elast 35-93A Isocyanate to obtain the desired hardness (see ratios on the technical sheet)
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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Synthene FASTElast 35-93 A ISOCYANATE
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Chemistry / Technology Polyurethane
Color Pale Yellow
Multi parts product type Isocyanate
Modelling & molding
The fast-curing elastomer casting resin: FastElast from Synthene