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Tectyl® 4D750 is designed for industrial application giving good penetration into folds, flanges and cracks, making it very suitable as a corrosion protective for the inside of car doors and other hollow sections of cars and rolling equipment.
Tectyl® 4D750 is Approved according to TR338:2010, SFS 4086:2006, 02-12-2010 Granted certificate by Inspecta Sertifionti Oy for Anti-corrosion agents for internal hollow. As Tectyl® 4D750 is a chemical drying product, the cure time is depending on the application and environmental conditions / Flash Point : >180°C / Recommended Dry Film Thickness : 40 µm / Theoretical coverage @ recommended DFT : 24,4 m²/l / Viscosity Brookfield@ 25°C @2RPM : 6 000mPa.s - @20RPM : 1 500mPa.s / Touch dry time : 7 h / Alstom approved AT1-DTRF150611 as hollow section protection
Tectyl® 4D750 is a resin/oil based, light yellow, liquid corrosion preventive compound. Tectyl® 4D750 is almost free from organic solvent. Tectyl® 4D750 cures to a light yellow, translucent, semi-soft film.
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