Tectyl® 5638W is very suitable for industrial application on cars, trains, and other rolling equipment. Tectyl® 5638W can also be used for sound reduction on vehicle parts (doors, hoods, gear coverings, etc.), air ventilation systems, containers (for glass, garbage, etc.), machine constructions and boiler covers in the heating sector.
Dry Time @ 20°C - 50% R.H.: For a thickness of 4 mm wet, ± 20 hours (40°C = 8 hours, 60°C = 3 hours, drying temperatures up to 80°C are possible) / Acoustic properties (DIN 5340): "Oberst" sound loss factor of 0.1 to 0.3. Depending on the thickness applied, a sound loss factor of 0.1 is generally considered adequate / Fire Properties tested according to DIN 54837 @ 1mm DFT on a steel sheet: DIN 5510-2 Classification: S4, SR2, ST2 / Chemical resistance @ 20°C: Aliphatic solvents, oils and water / Recommended Wet Film Thickness (Depending on desired effect) : 2-5 kg/m² / Viscosity (Epprecht Rheomat, MS4 @ 20°C @ 200 RPM) : 9000 mPa.s / pH @ 20°C : 7
Tectyl® 5638W is a water dispersed special filler/binder, sound damping compound and is free from organic solvent. Tectyl® 5638W can be applied with a spatula or with special spray equipment. Tectyl® 5638W can be painted over, when dry, with synthetic resin-, epoxy- and PVC-based paints. Tectyl® 5638W is fast drying (by evaporation of water) to a black, hard film.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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