TECTYL 846-K-19

Tectyl® 846K19 protects parts in indoor and outdoor storage as well as domestic and international shipments.
Estimated Protection Period Indoor: 51 months - Outdoor: 24 months / Tectyl® 846-K19 is approved under the German military specification: TL 8030-0015 Qualification QB Nr. B-0160, BW Code CY6010. / Flash Point, PMCC :40°C / Density @ 20°C : 0,87 kg/ltr / Recommended Dry Film Thickness over metal profile : 50µm / Theoretical coverage @ recommended DFT : 9,4 m²/ltr / Dry to touch time @ 20°C : 2 hours / Cure time @ 20°C : 24 hours
Tectyl® 846-K-19 is a solvent cutback, wax base, general purpose, corrosion preventive compound suitable for the widest range of application requirements for vehicle rustproofing, protection of machinery and parts in storage. Tectyl® 846-K-19 cures to a dark amber colored, waxy, translucent, firm film.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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TECTYL 846-K-19
59 L Drum
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TECTYL 846-K-19
200 l Drum
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TECTYL 846-K-19
20 L Drum
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