Quieting Electric Vehicle Battery Packs with MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste

As the transportation industry embraces electric vehicles (EVs) and consumer demand for sustainable mobility grows, battery manufacturers are seeking innovative solutions to meet the needs of this expanding market. A promising approach is the “cell-to-pack” strategy, which eliminates battery module housings and directly bonds individual cells to the cooling plate, aiming for higher energy density and reduced costs.

In this case study, we’ll explore how MOLYKOTE® M-77 from DuPont™ Molykote® Paste effectively addresses NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) concerns in electric vehicle battery packs while providing essential thermal insulation properties for optimal performance and a tranquil driving experience.

The Challenge


A Chinese automotive battery supplier sought to enhance the driving experience for electric vehicle drivers and passengers by addressing NVH issues. They discovered that the connection screws between the cooling plate and the pack generated noise due to abrupt temperature changes during battery liquid cooling system startup. The supplier needed a reliable lubricant solution that could reduce noise levels, ensuring a serene driving experience, while also providing exceptional insulation properties to protect components from temperature fluctuations.


The solution


To address the unique challenges faced by the automotive battery supplier, the MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants team was confident that their M-77 Paste could deliver outstanding results. Rigorous tests were conducted, comparing MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste with other lubricant technologies to identify the most suitable solution for the electric vehicle battery manufacturer’s requirements.

Results and Benefits


The testing phase revealed that while several lubricant technologies could address specific demands, only MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste, formulated with advanced silicone-based MoS2 solid lubricant, demonstrated the ability to effectively reduce noise and meet the essential insulation needs for optimal battery performance.

Electric vehicle batteries need to be thermally regulated to protect their performance and lifetime. With the demand for faster charge rates and consistently higher battery performance, the reliability of the thermal management system is essential.

Due to temperature variations, the screws securing the cooling system to the battery pack made a noticeable noise when expanding and contracting.

Key Benefits of MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste


  1. Noise Reduction: MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste significantly reduces noise levels in battery packs, providing a quiet and comfortable driving experience for EV users.
  2. Excellent Thermal Insulation: With superior thermal insulation properties, the paste protects components from temperature fluctuations, ensuring stable battery performance and extending the battery’s operational life.
  3. Wide Temperature Range Suitability: MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste excels in both high and low-temperature environments, maintaining its lubrication properties up to +230 °C (+446 °F) and dry lubrication up to +400 °C (+662 °F).
  4. Water Resistance: The paste exhibits exceptional water resistance, preventing lubrication breakdown and ensuring consistent performance even in wet conditions.
  5. Minimal Residue: MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste leaves virtually no residue, promoting clean operation and reducing the risk of contamination in the battery pack.
  6. Compatibility: The paste is compatible with various elastomers and plastics, ensuring seamless integration into battery pack assemblies and other frictional and contact surfaces.


As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, battery manufacturers and automotive suppliers must prioritize NVH reduction and optimal thermal management to enhance the driving experience and ensure long-lasting battery performance. MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste offers a cutting-edge solution to tackle these challenges, enabling quieter, more comfortable electric vehicle rides while safeguarding battery components from extreme temperature variations.

If you’re an electric vehicle battery manufacturer or automotive supplier looking to improve NVH performance and thermal insulation properties in battery packs, consider integrating MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste into your applications. Experience the benefits of this advanced lubricant technology and deliver a superior driving experience for the electric vehicles of tomorrow. Contact our team at [Your Company Name] to learn more about how MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste can elevate your EV battery pack performance. Let’s work together towards a cleaner and quieter future on the roads.

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