Huntsman – Araldite® 2023 now Loyd’s Register approved

Araldite® 2023 :  Complex assemblies made simple!

ARALDITE® 2023 adhesive could help you bonding large and complex parts with up to 50% faster bonding process.

ARALDITE® 2023 adhesive is 100% non-sagging, which means that you can easily apply it to complex surfaces, both vertically and vertically.

The combination of a primerless application and a one-step bonding process can speed up the process by up to 50% and result in a cleaner assembly compared to the traditional lamination process.

With its high void-filling capabilities and >100% elongation, ARALDITE® 2023 adhesive can help you compensate for large production variations. Finally, its flexibility can also compensate for the thermal expansion of different materials and dynamic loads.

Araldite® 2023 : Benefits

  • Exists in 3 versions: open time of 10/30/60 minutes
  • Extremely flexible to resist shocks, vibrations, dynamic loads
  • Pasty product for filling large gaps (up to 30mm) or vertical applications
  • UV stable (no yellowing in the sun)
  • Lloyd’s Register (LR) approved
  • Technical data sheet

Is also Lloyd’s Register : :

Araldite® 2015-1 : 2-part epoxy adhesive for all structural assemblies

  • Resistant to dynamic loads
  • High stiffness
  • Excellent mechanical properties on metals and composite
  • Lloyd’s Register (LR) approved
  • Excellent resistance to marine environments
  • Pasty, non-sagging product, with an 45 minutes open time
  • Technical data sheet

Discover in video the benefits of Araldite® 2023

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