DuPont Krytox ™ FG (NSF H1 Food Grade)

DuPontTMstreamlines its product offering with the Krytox ™ FG range. The products listed below have been given new product codes.

No changes have been made to their chemical composition or production and manufacturing processes.

The NSF registration numbers are therefore the same as for the previous product codes.

Product type Old FG product code New Krytox ™ product code NSF registration No. NSF grade
Multi-purpose grease Krytox® FG 20 Krytox® GPL 203 123951 H1
Krytox® FG 22 Krytox® GPL 205 124004 H1
Krytox® FG 24 Krytox® GPL 206 123998 H1

Anti-corrosion grease

Krytox® FG 30 Krytox® GPL 223 124003 H1
Krytox® FG 32 Krytox® GPL 225 124002 H1
Krytox® FG 34 Krytox® GPL 226 124000 H1
High-temperature grease Krytox® FG 26 Krytox® XHT-SX 124005 H1
Lubricating oil Krytox ™ FG 40 Krytox® GPL 105 124010 H1
Krytox ™ FG 45 Krytox® GPL 107 124009 H1
Vacuum-pump oil Krytox ™ FG 10 Krytox® VPF 1506 123393 H1
Krytox ™ FG 12 Krytox® VPF 1514 123949 H1
Krytox ™ FG 15 Krytox® VPF 1525 123950 H1

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