Why is SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 Silicone the Go-To Choice for Mold Making in the Art World?

The Art of Mold Making: A Fascinating Realm

Welcome to the captivating world of mold making in the realm of art. Artists and craftsmen understand how crucial the quality of molds can be for the success of their projects. In this article, we will explore how the choice of molding material can make all the difference. Specifically, we’ll introduce you to SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 silicone, an essential reference for crafting artistic molds. Get ready to delve into a universe where precision, durability, and creativity converge.

SILASTIC™ RTV-3481: An Overview


SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 silicone is a revolutionary material widely used in the field of artistic mold making. Let’s take a detailed look at this silicone, its exceptional technical features, and the reasons why it has become the preferred choice for artists and craftsmen in mold creation.


What Is SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 Silicone?

SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 is a Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicone, which means it cures at room temperature and does not require heat curing, making it user-friendly.

Tecnical features



SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 has a white hue, making it easy to mix with colorants or pigments, if necessary, to create molds in different colors to suit artistic needs.


Mixing Ratio

The recommended mixing ratio for SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 is 5 parts of catalyst to 100 parts of base material. This ratio ensures proper curing and optimal mold performance..


La viscosity

The low viscosity of SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 provides the ideal consistency for various projects, whether for fine details or more complex shapes.



SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 has a hardness of 25 shore A, making it a flexible material while providing some degree of resistance. This hardness is ideal for crafting artistic molds, as it ensures the necessary flexibility for demolding while retaining durability.


Working and curing time

The working and curing times of SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 also depend on the catalyst used. Some catalysts can expedite the curing process, while others offer a longer working time for precise handling. This temporal adaptability is a major asset for artistic projects.

It can be used with various catalysts, including:

This versatility provides valuable flexibility for artists who need more time to prepare their molds or wish to expedite the process.

These detailed technical characteristics make SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 the top choice for artistic mold creation, offering great adaptability and allowing artists to customize their process based on the specific requirements of their projects.

Why It’s Used in Mold Making

The choice of SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 for artistic mold making can be explained by several key reasons:


All-Terrain, All-Conditions Silicone

Polycondensation molding silicones are primarily used in artistic fields or applications where inhibition risk is high. They are less sensitive to moisture, temperature variations, and the nature of the surfaces to be molded. The result will be impeccable no matter the type of surface it’s applied to.


Precision and Artistic Fidelity

Thanks to its elasticity, tear resistance, and ability to capture the finest details, SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 allows for remarkably precise replication of original artworks.


Durability and Longevity

Molds created with SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 withstand the test of time. They can be used repeatedly without losing quality, making it a cost-effective long-term choice.


Ease of Use

Artists appreciate the simplicity of SILASTIC™ RTV-3481. It doesn’t require advanced technical skills, making it accessible to a wide range of art professionals.


Artistic Versatility

SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 offers exceptional artistic flexibility. It allows for molding a variety of artistic media, from resin sculptures to plaster pieces, and much more.


In conclusion, SILASTIC™ RTV-3481 silicone represents a significant advancement in the field of artistic mold making. Its exceptional technical characteristics, including its ability to adjust curing time based on the catalyst used, its ease of use, and its ability to capture the beauty of artworks, make it an indispensable choice for artists and craftsmen dedicated to preserving the quality and integrity of their creations.

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