Odorless, non-toxic, and free from toxic emissions, Acrystal® acrylic resins are online.

Acrystal® products formulated with aqueous acrylic resin and natural mineral crystals.


Acrystal® acrylic resins represent a significant advancement in the field of construction and art materials. Comprised of aqueous acrylic resins and natural mineral crystals, these products offer an odorless, non-toxic solution, replacing traditional resins such as polyurethane (PU) or epoxy in many applications.


With a wide range of applications, Acrystal® resins offer a real non-toxic alternative for many applications:


The versatility of Acrystal® acrylic resins paves the way for a multitude of creative and functional applications.

In architecture, these resins can be used to create decorative elements, innovative flooring coatings, or lightweight and durable structures. Their ability to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces makes them an ideal choice for renovation and restoration projects, offering an odorless and non-toxic solution for preserving architectural heritage.

In the field of art and crafts, the possibilities offered by Acrystal® resins are equally vast. From contemporary sculptures to artisanal jewelry to relief paintings, these resins allow artists to materialize their creative vision with great freedom of expression. Their compatibility with various dyes and pigments opens the door to an infinite palette of shades and finishes, enabling artists to create unique and captivating works.

For modeling and molding, Acrystal® resins offer a non-toxic alternative to traditional materials such as plaster or polyester. Their ability to reproduce the finest details and withstand shocks and abrasion make them a preferred choice for model makers and sculptors, allowing them to create realistic and durable models with great precision.

In museography and scenography, Acrystal® resins are also widely used for creating interactive exhibitions, theatrical sets, and immersive staging. Their lightness and ease of handling make them a preferred material for both temporary and permanent installations, offering designers maximum flexibility to bring their artistic vision to life.


The benefits of Acrystal® products:


  • Non-toxic: odorless, do not contain hazardous substances, and emit no toxic fumes.
  • Fire rated: M1 (F); B1 (D); IMO. (E.g., Acrystal® Prima)
  • Great dimensional stability: expansion <0.1%, Shore hardness close to 85ShD.
  • Aesthetic: classic white appearance (Acrystal Prima or Aqua) or Decor (Copper, Tin, Bronze, Marble).
  • Economical: cheaper than epoxy or polyurethane resin.
  • Practical: can be directly applied to polystyrene (solvent-free). Complete range: retardants, thixotropic agents, protective and finishing varnishes, colorants, fiber reinforcement, weather-resistant, and immersion-resistant products.

Economy and Practicality


In addition to their technical performance, Acrystal® resins also stand out for their economic aspect. Compared to epoxy or polyurethane resins, they have a lower cost while maintaining high-quality properties. Their practical application directly on polystyrene without the use of solvents simplifies the work process, offering a considerable time and efficiency gain.


Complete Range and Application Method


The complete range of Acrystal® products includes various additives and customization options, such as retardants, thixotropic agents, protective and finishing varnishes, colorants, as well as weather-resistant and immersion-resistant products. Their versatility also extends to their application method, which can be cast in a mold, sprayed, machined, or laminated with fiber reinforcements, thus offering optimal flexibility to meet the specific needs of each project.

In conclusion, Acrystal® acrylic resins represent a leading technical and non-toxic alternative in the field of construction and art materials. Their unique combination of technical performance, economy, practicality, and versatility makes them an indispensable choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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