Plastic Injection Molding

Plastics injection is a major part of France’s industrial manufacturing sector. Injection-molded plastics are used in many objects and applications, including vehicles, medical devices, toys and home automation.

As a result, production rates and requirements can vary widely but remain demanding particularly in terms of lubrication (high temperatures) and maintenance (mold and press cleaning).

Recurring technical issues:


Cleaning and purging of injection molding machines

Customers use many molds that they fit and remove depending on the production run.
A different injection material and a different mold are required for each different run.

  •    As a result, molds must be cleaned prior to storage and screws must be cleaned to prevent contamination of newmaterials by old ones (black specks, scrapping of first molded parts, time required for cleaning: time for the product to act, screw/channel disassembly).
  •   Our solution is ExtraNetpurging compound, which offers the following advantages:

Service temperature range of 120-390°C (248-374°F). Purging compound savings: one-tenth cylinder capacity. Immediate action (no waiting time). Chemical reaction with plastic particles (no odors or fumes). May be used during production (no disassembly required).

Mold Storage

Molds that are stored for several weeks at a time must first be protected against corrosion.

2 solutions:

– Rust Protector wax (for use on cleaned molds)

– Lubricating oil (residues)

Fastener and Nozzle Assembly


Heat-induced oxidation;injection temperatures between120°C and 390°C (248°F and 734°F).

Our solutions:
Copper paste: Molykote HSC Plus
Aluminum paste: Serenys Pate Alu

You will find our entire range of maintenance solutions in our Selector Guide for Plastic Injection Molding .

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