DW0137-1 EPOXY DYE Black

SKU: HUDW01370
DW0137-1 Black coloring pastes for epoxy casting resin systems.

Application: uniform and homogeneous coloring of filled or unfilled Araldite casting resin systems


Solvent free colouring pastes epoxy resin / Flash point >200°C / Viscosity 50-125 Pa.s / Color : black / RAL 8022

The coloring paste is preferably added to the resin and mixed with it to produce a homogeneous mixture.

When coloring unfilled resins, the hiding power of Yellow (DW 0132), Red (DW 0133), Green (DW 0134), Blue (DW 0135) and Brown (DW 0136) can be improved by adding White (DW 0131).


The product must be stirred and homogenized in the original container before use.

It is possible to heat the product (between 40 and 50°C) to make it more liquid. Also heating the resin between 40 and 50°C will facilitate mixing.

Such additions of up to 2% of resin weight have virtually no effect on the final properties of an unmodified resin-hardener mixture.

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DW0137-1 EPOXY DYE Black
25 kg Drum
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Chemistry / Technology Epoxy
Color Black
Multi parts product type Additive
Dynamic Viscosity (25°C) 90000 mPas