EPOCAST 50 A-1/946

SKU: HU50A1900
EPOCAST 50 A1/946 is an epoxy laminating system is an unfilled, solvent free, easy to handle material for the manufacture or repair of composite structures as well as for filament winding.
EPOCAST 50 A-1/946 is amber / density : 1,18 / viscosity : 2400 / Gel time : 65 min
EPOCAST 50 A-1/946 is high strength, self extinguishing, short work life
Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emplois
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Product's associated market Aeronautics
Viscosity Class Liquid
Application Methode Dispensing, Manual
Certification / Specification BMS 8-201, Type IV, FAR 25.853, MEP 22-011
Density 1.1800 kg_l
Chemistry / Technology Epoxy
Color Amber
Compression Strength 349.0000 MegaPa
Mix Ratio 100/15
Markets - Where is used the product ? Aeronautics Interior Adhesives / Sealant, Aeronautics Outside Adhésives / Sealant
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts
Price Unit Pieces
Open Time (min) 20.0000 MINUTE
Total Shelf Life 360 DAY
Minimum temperature (°C) 18 CELSIUS
Viscosity (25°C) 2400.0000 mPas