H.B. Fuller SWIFTCOL 4027

SKU: HBSC40270
H.B. Fuller's SWIFTCOL 4027 is a solvent-based contact adhesive, with a low odor and a high initial bond strength
Red liquid / Density : 0,78 kg/L / Viscosity : 350 mPa.s / Consumption : 180 - 200 g/m² par face / Drying time : 2-5 minutes
HB Fuller SwiftCol 4020 is a solvent-based synthetic rubber adhesive, red, sprayable, designed for furniture industry, and suitable for bonding foams (Pu, latex...), wood, textile (jute, felt, fabrics...), rubbers, etc…
Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emplois
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H.B. Fuller SWIFTCOL 4027
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H.B. Fuller SWIFTCOL 4027
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