KORAPUR 842/20

SKU: KO842/20
Körapur 842/20 is a twopart polyurethane adhesive for structural bonding in the automotive industry, commercial vehicle bodywork, composite, shipbuilding, rail vehicles, etc.
Viscosity: 25 000 mPa.s / Solvent free / Mix ratio 4:1 / Handling time: 20 min / 42 Shore D hardness / Tensile strength: 11 MPa / Elongation at break: 70% / Temperature: -60°C to +90°C / Beige.
Körapur 842/20 minutes (Part B Koracur TH 650) is a two-part polyurethane sealant, with fast-setting and high mechanical strength.
Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emplois
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KORAPUR 842/20
360 g Cartridge
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