MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease

SKU: MK001079

MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease can be used for lubrication in automotive body and interior components, such as actuators.

•Air conditioners •Robot floor cleaners •Medical beds •Electric wheelchairs •Automotive electric seats •Automotive electric rear doors •Automotive sunroofs •Automotive sunshades


• Wide temperature range (-40°C to 130°C) • Compatible with most plastics • Low coefficient of friction • Noise reduction property • Zero oil-bleeding


Noise reduction capability • Low coefficient of friction and low wear in different material combinations (eg plastic/plastic, plastic/metal, metal/metal) • No oil bleeding • Available worldwide, the MOLYKOTE® G-1079 grease is optimized for actuators. With an operating temperature range of -40 to 130°C, this grease can be used for the lubrication of a wide variety of actuators in different sectors, including automotive, imaging and industrial • The grease MOLYKOTE® G-1079 based on polyalphaolefins works well in sliding contact with fast movements/high loads and slow movements/light loads.

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MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease
1 kg Box
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MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease
16 kg Drum
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Kinematic Viscosity (40°C) 17 cSt
Oil Synthetic PAO
Chemistry / Technology polyalphaolefin
Color White
Product's associated market Automotive
Consistency (NLGI) 1
Price Unit Pieces
Maximum temperature (°C) 130 CELSIUS
Minimum temperature (°C) -40 CELSIUS
Thickener Lithium
Special lubricants
DuPont™ – Molykote® launches G-1079 grease