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MOLYKOTE® D-9100 is a flexible lubricant coating withstands parts elongation / High productivity and processing speed with UV curing / Dry lubricant film formed without heat damage or long drying times / Effective for many types of rubber and thermoplastics / Excellent adhesion can extend lubricant coating service life
Solid lubricants / Organic Binder / Water based / Translucent / Viscosity at 25°C (IWATA cup): 13 s / Curing time: 1 min with UV exposition / temperature range -40 ° C to + 120 ° C
Lubricity: Rubber materials have a high coefficient of friction that makes it difficult to have consistent lubrication. MOLYKOTE® D-9100 Anti-Friction Coating can reduce coefficient of friction and suitably lubricate dynamic rubber seals and sliding plastic parts. With fast UV curing, it also can improve productivity in assembly processes. MOLYKOTE D-9100 Anti-Friction Coating can extend the life of sliding parts and highly stressed parts that have a high wear problem. Adhesion: Good adhesion provides good lubrication properties for rubber and plastics parts for prolonged periods of time. MOLYKOTE D-9100 Anti-Friction Coating has strong adhesion to many types of rubber and plastic and flexibility to follow mechanical movement. UV Curable With a water-based carrier and UV curing system, MOLYKOTE D-9100 Anti-Friction Coating can be applied to many types of rubber and plastic without potential damage from heat or chemical solvents. In addition, the UV cure system reduces cycle time and energy cost compared to the heat cure system.
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Application Methode Manual
Curing Time (min) 1.0000 MINUTE
Price Unit Pieces
AFC Resin organic
Total Shelf Life 720 DAY
Maximum temperature (°C) 120 CELSIUS
Minimum temperature (°C) -40 CELSIUS
AFC Thinner Water
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DuPont™ Molykote® offers a range of products dedicated to the lubrication of electrical connectors in the automotive sector

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Special lubricants
MOLYKOTE ™ D-9100 : Effective lubrication to reduce friction and control noise, stick-slip and wear