PORCHER-Industries® E Glass Fabrics – Plain- 778 – 35Gr/m²

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Porcher Industries Plain glass fabrics have a simple "checkerboard" weave woven at 90 °. They are generally more difficult to drape than a twill fabric and therefore mainly destined for flat or uncomplicated surfaces. Porcher-Industries's weaving quality and finish (or sizing) make it even easier to drape and impregnate fibers for wet, infusion or RTM applications. They have good dimensional stability. The low weights (inf 50gr / m²) are used as a surface layer in the first layer either directly on the part or behind a gel-coat. The finesse of the weaving Porcher Industrie gives them reproducible mechanical properties pieces after pieces.
E Glass Fabrics - Plain - weight 35gr/m² (+/- 2%) - Warp/Weft (yarn/cm): 23,6 x 16,3 - Weight ratio 75/25 - Yarn: Warp: EC5 11 /Weft: EC5 5.5
E-glass fabrics : Density : 2 - Modulus (Mpa): 15000 - Mechanical resistance (Mpa): 500 - Specific Modulus : 7 500 - Spécific mechanical resistance: 250 - Porcher Industrie mechanical high-performance glass fabric E is dedicated to the manufacture of composite parts for the automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial sectors.
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PORCHER-Industries® E Glass Fabrics - Plain- 778 - 35Gr/m²
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