Synthene PR 2000 Kit (polyol + iso)

Any requirement of shock resistant parts with mechanical characteristics close to thermoplastic, with a short demolding time: Household appliances, electronics, toys, Models, automotive industry: wire holder, hood, grilles... Interior covering parts…
Color: White / Viscosity : approximately350 mPa.s / PotLife :6 min / Démoulding time at 70°C :45 min /Simulation : PS, ABS / HdT: 105°C (after post-cure) / Hardness: 80 ShD / Flexural modulus of elasticity: 2000 Mpa / Charpy impact strength (ISO 179-1/1fUc: 2010) : NC.
Polyurethane resin dedicated to the realisation of prototypes and/or small series. Process in vacuum casting machines or hand-casting in silicone moulds. Its properties allow the realisation of functional parts, with mechanical properties similar to anti-shock polystyrene or ABS parts.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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Synthene PR 2000 Kit (polyol + iso)
Bottle 1kg + 2x Bottle 1kg
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Synthene PR 2000 Kit (polyol + iso)
Pail 5kg + 2x Pail 5kg
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Viscosity Class Liquid
Application Methode Vacuum Casting
Curing Type Hot Curing
Density 1.13 kg_m3
Chemistry / Technology Polyurethane
Color White
Hardness Class Very Hard (Shore D56 - D100)
Hardness 80 Dshore
HDT - Heat Distorsion temperature 70 CELSIUS
Elongation at break (%) 5.0000
Flexural Modulus 2050 MegaPa
Multi parts product type system / Multiparts
Number of Component Bi Componant / 2 Parts
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 57 MegaPa
Dynamic Viscosity (25°C) 2000 mPas