SKU: TE511M000
Tectyl® 511M meets the performance requirements of Military Specification MILC16173 D, Grade 5. Tectyl® 511M is designed to protect ferrous and nonferrous industrial parts and transportation components during covered shipment and inside storage.
Estimated Protection Period Indoor: 12 months / Flash Point : 40°C / Recommended Dry Film Thickness : 7,5 µm / Theoretical coverage @ recommended DFT : 52,4 m²/l / Viscosity @ 20°C DIN cup n°4 : 45s / Cure time @ 20°C : 24 h / MIL-C-16173 D, Grade 5
Tectyl® 511-M is a solvent cutback, waterdisplacing, oil based corrosion preventive compound. Tectyl® 511-M cures to a light amber colored, transparent oily film.
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