Find the Airtech product range dedicated to infusion preparation

Airtech, world leader in vacuum accessories and peripherals for the processing of composite materials

Airtech à sélectionner dans la large gamme une sélection de : Bâche à vide, Film démoulants micro-perforé, ruban adhésifs, films adhésifs démoulants, tissus d’arrachage, joints d’étanchéité, les produits pour amener et drainer la résine ainsi que l’ensemble des outils nécessaire pour la préparation de l’infusion.

  • Resin flow mesh
  • Combotech,
  • and all the accessories you’ll need to prepare the infusion…

Resin flow mesh

References Maximum use Temperature Mesh Weight Mesh type Resin flow speed
Airtech Greenflow 185 125°C 185 g/m² knitted HDPE High
Airtech Knigtflow 160 212°C 160 g/m² knitted HDPE High
Airtech Greenflow 75 150°C 88 g/m² Extruded PP Medium


References Maximum use Temperature Resin flow mesh Perforated release film Peel Ply
-Airtech Flowlease 75-37P16 121°C Airtech Greenflow 75 Airtech Wrightlon 3700 P16
Airtech Ipplon KM 1300 121°C Airtech Knigtflow 160 Airtech Wrightlon 3700 P16
Airtech Flowpeel 160-37P16-EST 121°C Airtech Knigtflow 160 Airtech Wrightlon 3700 P16 Airtech Econostich

Accessories for infusion

References Maximum use Temperature Colour material
Airtech Flowstrip 155°C Mesh in PP in polyester sheath available in 2″ and 4″.
Airtech ResinTrak & VacTrak 190°C White
(VacTrak avec face adhésive)
Polyester grid
Airtech Dahlpac MC 79 125°C Blue Nylon fabric with PP grid
Airtech SpiralMesh ½ & 3/4 121°C White PP (spiral hose + grid)
Airtech Tuyau Spiralé  121°C White Polyethylene
Airtech Tube PE 121°C White Polyethylene
Airtech Raccord Nylon 121°C White Nylon, available in angle, tap and T.
Airtech Connector resin RIC 80°C White UHMW Polyethylene, flat base

Miscellaneous products

References Properties Features
Airtech Tac-Strip Maximum use temperature : 100°C – white Fiberglass with acrylic adhesive
Airtech Airtac 2 LH Low toxicity, for temporary bonding of vacuum devices spray version
Airtech Airsweep Dry or peripheral vacuum fabrics (R1 and R2 with handle) Tools for depositing and veneering in the corners of prepregs

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