Lubrication of Oven Chains Used in Industrial Bakeries

Topical issue

Industrial bakeries need a solution for clean lubrication of their oven chains, which are subjected to very high temperatures (above 240°C/464°F):

Current solutions – water with graphite dispersion (messy), oils for NSF-H2 grade synthetic chains (no food contact) – do not produce satisfactory results and PFPE lubricants are very expensive.

For example, graphite-based products leave deposits on oven chains, requiring them to be cleaned by hand,

a time and cost-intensive process. Other drawbacks are formation of extra deposits on drive motors and reduced chain life.


More and more chain lubrication applications offer the following advantages: less maintenance, longer application intervals, prevention and reduction of carbon residues, odorless, stability at high temperatures, less evaporation and NSF-H1 approval.


Samaro offers the Tecnite range of high-temperature oils to solve these issues. The range has the following features:

  •   Four different viscosities: 68, 100, 220 and 320 cSt
  •   Three packaging sizes: 5, 20 and 190 kg
  •   36-month shelf life
  •   Formulation: 97% synthetic polyol ester; 3% additives

Advantages of synthetic ester oils

  •   Increased lubrication and protection against wear
  •   Low evaporation
  •   Purity and cleanliness
  •   Chemical stability (hydrolytic resistance)
  •   Biodegradability
  •   Stability at high temperatures
  •   High flash point, low pour point
  •   Clean environment

Cost and performance benefits

  •   Improved lubrication and corrosion protection and the absence of carbon residues mean longer service life of oven chains.
  •   Low evaporation for reduced oil consumption.
  •   Solution for the growing need for NSF-H1 approved products. Approval made possible by the purity and cleanliness of the base ingredients of the oils.
  •   Longer relubrication intervals thanks to their to oxidation, high temperature and chemical stability

Product features

  •   Usable across a very broad range of temperatures (260°C/500°F) • NSF-H1 registered
  •   Chemically stable
  •   Stay clean during use (few deposits, little smoke)
  •   Can extend the service life of oven chains
  •   Can reduce oil usage (low evaporation)
  •   Competitive prices

The products in the Tecnite range are in the Food Industry Lubrication and Maintenance Selector Guide.

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