MOLYKOTE® 5 Compound (formerly Dow-Corning 5) prevents arcing on insulators.

MOLYKOTE® 5 Compound, developed as a contact lubricant on high voltage equipment.

Molykote® 5, formerly Dow Corning 5 Compound, helps to prevent arcing and flashover on insulators and bushings. It is also suitable for preventing rust and corrosion on insulator threads and bolts.

Some applications :

Applications where improved metal-to-metal lubricity (compared to other MOLYKOTE® brand silicone compounds) is needed. To help prevent arcing and flashovers on insulators and bushings. As a contact lubricant on high-voltage equipment. To lubricate static and dynamic O-ring seals in hot-melt adhesive equipment.

To help prevent rust and corrosion on insulator threads and bolts; also helps in removal of insulators and hardware for replacement.

As a water-repellent filling material to help prevent moisture from traveling inside the rubber jacket of service entrance cable (can be injected using a grease gun with a needle-type nozzle). To help prevent oxidation and corrosion on contacts and band-tightening screws of socket-type watt-hour meters.

Specific features :

  • Easy application by hand, wiping, brushing, or automated equipment
  • Room-temperature consistency over a wide range of hot and cold temperatures
  • Serviceable temperature range of -54 to 232°C (-65 to 450°F) – a significant improvement over other silicone compounds
  • Resistance to oxidation and moisture
  • Virtually inert and nonvolatile

How to use :

MOLYKOTE® 5 Compound can be applied by hand, brush, wipe, or specially designed automated equipment. However, certain dispensing equipment may seize with silicone compounds, so testing is recommended prior to use.

If a thinner consistency is needed, the compound can be dispersed in low-viscosity polydimethyl siloxane fluid (i.e., ≈20 cSt viscosity) or other solvents and applied by brushing, dipping, or spraying.

Note: When using any solvent, always provide adequate ventilation. Follow precautions on solvent container label.

More informations :

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