Electrolube AFA : THE next generation Acrylic conformal coating

Electrolube AFA is the next generation Acrylic conformal coating free of Aromatic-Solvent (no Toluene, no xylene)


This new conformal coating improves operator safety as it doesn’t contains aromatic-solvents and increase the performances compared to previous generation acrylic conformal coatings :

  • Improved adhesion on selective coating,
  • Better chemical compatibility with no-clean process,
  • Upper resistance against salt mist,
  • Moisture resistance increased,
  • Outstanding Wetting & Bubble Release

In summary, Electrolube AFA provides better protective properties than previous generation AR Conformal Coatings. It enables more uniform coverage AND reduced consumption through optimised design for selective coating. Electrolube AFA provides better compatibility with ‘no-clean’ solder chemistries than previous generation acrylic conformal coatings (but must be tested).

AFA is THE next generation acrylic conformal coating.

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