Synthene PRC1810-PRC1819 Isocyanate (SL000221)

Any need for technical parts requiring quality of transparency, UV resistance and/or high mechanical properties, such as: Household appliances, electronics, toys, automotive industry: head lamps, head light, transparent pieces, crystal ware industries, glass making, bottles, advertising goods, design objects...
Color: Incolor liquid / Viscosity: 450 mPa.s / Densité: 1,1 / Isocyanate to mix with : Synthene® PRC 1710 POLYOL 0,6 kg (SY5661),Synthene® PRC 1719 POLYOL 0,6 kg.
Isocyanate for Polyol Synthene® PRC1710, Synthene® PRC1719. Shelf-life 18 months. Isocyanate particularly mildly aggressive for silicone molds. Easy management of the stock with a common isocyanate for several products.
Dangerous. Observe safety precautions - For professional use only
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Synthene PRC1810-PRC1819 Isocyanate (SL000221)
5,4 kg Can
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Synthene PRC1810-PRC1819 Isocyanate (SL000221)
1,07 kg Bottle
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Chemistry / Technology Polyurethane
Color Clear
Multi parts product type Isocyanate
Dynamic Viscosity (25°C) 450 mPas