All you need to know about the EN 45545 regulation

EN 45545, a mandatory requirement in Europe for all materials used in the manufacture of rail vehicles.

EN45545 is a European railway standard that was published in 2013 in order to harmonize the different train management systems including fire and smoke standards. It aims to protect passengers and staff against fire on board railway vehicles.

After a transition period of several years, it has now become a mandatory requirement throughout Europe. Indeed, all materials used in the manufacture of railway vehicles must follow the EN45 545 standard to achieve the highest possible level of safety in case of fire.

EN 45545 applies to manufacturers of rail vehicles, including high-speed trains, regional trains, streetcars, subways and double-decker trains.

EN 45545-2 Regulation :

Part 2 of EN45545 defines the most stringent requirements for the fire behavior of materials and components, including floor coverings, seats and cables of railway vehicles.

This part specifies the test methods, conditions and constraints for reaction to fire.

Adhesives and potting systems must be tested in accordance with EN45545-2. The main parameters measured are flame spread, flammability, heat release, smoke opacity and toxicity. After passing the tests, the adhesive, sealant and product for moulding and protection of electronics are approved according to EN 45545-2 for use in trains. A test report will indicate which tests have been approved for the material in question.

Products are then classified according to a set of 26 requirements (R1-R26) based on where the materials will be used for a particular level of hazard.

For each requirement there is a set of test performance criteria.

It is therefore important for the user to know the desired requirements for his application and the associated level of danger (fire hazard).


Examples of requirements by application :

R1: for horizontal/vertical interior surfaces (ceiling, walls, window frames and display screens)

R22/23: for inner seals, coils, inductors and contacts

R24/25: for boards and printed circuits

R26: for small electronic products

Fire hazard levels  :

Railway vehicles are classified according to the level of fire risk associated with their conception and application. There are three levels of danger: HL1, HL2 and HL3, of which HL1 is the lowest and HL3 the highest.

The classification depends on several points: number of kilometers travelled by the trolley in the tunnels, automatic or  manual, number of storey, sleepers included or not…

How to select the right adhesive/potting dedicated to railway application:

  1. Determine the requirements applicable to the product in question (R1-R26)
  2. Determine the level of fire risk (hazard level HL1, HL2 or HL3)
  3. Identify a suitable material approved EN45545 (with the right requirement and hazard level)  that meets technical requirements

A selection of our products with the EN 45545-2 standard:

Electric and electronic protection
Produits Registration Applications Features
SYLGARD™ 170 EN45545 R22 HL3
EN45545 R26 HL3
General use of encapsulation for protection of on-board electronic cards. Two-part 1:1 • Thermal conductivity 0,48 W/m.K • Black
DOWSIL™ EE-3200 EN 45545 R22 HL3
EN 45545 R26 HL3
Low-stress application for the protection of junction boxes, power converters, etc. Two-part silicone RTV • Viscosity : 1 700 mPas • Hardness : Shore 00 20 • Dark grey • ratio 1:1
CW 5620 / HY 5610
EN45545-2 R22 HL1
EN45545-2 R22 HL3
Multi-purpose encapsulant Low viscosity • Antracite / Blue
Araldite®CW 1302 /
EN45545 R22 HL2
EN45545 R23 HL3
Encapsulant recommended for applications
operating in environments that are potentially explosives
Excellent thermal stamina • Flammability UL 94 V- 0 ( 3.0 mm ). UL 1446 System Temp classe 180 ( H )
Araldite®XB2252 /
EN45545 R22 HL1
EN45545 R23 HL2
Excellent thermal endurance and resistance to thermal shocks Black • Low viscosity  • Classe F (155°C)
DOWSIL™ 7091 EN 45 545 R22 HL1
EN 45 545 R23 HL2
EN 45 545 R24 HL3
Sealing Alcoxy • Whyte / Black / Grey • RTV
Araldite®2033 EN45 545-2 R22 HL3
EN45 545-2 R23 HL3
Long mixing time, structural applications, ideal for bonding to metals Black • Two-part 1:1

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